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As the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, is a city full of history. It often seems like there is a notable location around every corner. The historical spots in DC are significant for the people and events that have helped shape the nation.

A tour of these locations can be awe-inspiring and educational. With that said, there are so many historical spots in the city. Which ones should you make sure to visit? We have a list of a few of the top historical sites in Washington, DC.

Historical Spots in DC

The White House

A tour of historical sites in DC should include the White House. It has been the home of every president, with the exception of George Washington. Washington selected the location in 1791, and John Adams was the first president to live at the residence. Seeing it from the outside can make quite an impression. If you want to tour the White House, you will need to plan at least three weeks in advance.

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is an incredible structure to see in person. It is in honor of America’s 16th president. Construction of the memorial began in 1914, and its completion was in 1922. The focal point of the memorial is a massive statue of Abraham Lincoln. With its Greek columns and temple-like design, it is also an impressive feat of architecture. The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day.

US Capitol

The US Capitol is the seat of our government. It is a monument to and symbol of democracy. As the seat of the US government, it has been host to countless historical moments. The art and architecture are beyond impressive. Visitors can also enjoy exhibits that teach about the building and the government. Like the White House, this is another experience that requires you to book a tour in advance.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

With the Martin Luther King, Jr Memorial, you have a site dedicated to the legacy of the civil rights leader. The centerpiece of the memorial is a 30-foot statue of MLK. You also have a long inscription wall with inspirational quotes from Dr. King’s speeches. A tour of the memorial is an incredible experience. It is impressive in its design and its message. The memorial is located along National Mall’s Tidal Basin and is open 24 hours.

This list only covers a few of the many historical sites in the city. There is so much history to find in Washington, DC!

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