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Ballston is at the last, most western stop on the ‘Rosslyn-Ballston’ corridor. Ballston is the bookend to Rosslyn. They are both filled with high rise mixed used developments – office space, retail and residential. There are plenty of restaurants, fast food and upscale, and popular bars to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Ballston is named after the local Ball family and was a major crossroads during the eighteenth century. The area went into decline in the 1960’s and early 70’s until the metro station opened in 1979. Since then, the area has gone through a tremendous redevelopment and continues to renew itself today. The Rosslyn-Ballston corridor has been cited in numerous studies on Transit Oriented Development.

Building List

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NameYear BuiltUnitsType
Eastview at Ballston1989225Highrise
Old Ballston Square198023Townhome
Laurel Woods19776Townhome
Stuart North Arms19608Garden
Alta Vista1989277Highrise
Liberty Center2007233Highrise
Jackson Manor195514Midrise
Windsor Plaza1994184Highrise
Ballston Court198713Townhome
Randolph Square198148Townhome
Ballston Park1995146Highrise
Ballston Mews198234Townhome
Westview at Ballston1989225Highrise
Quincy Court198612Midrise
Ballston Walk19855Townhome
Hyde Park1973322Highrise
Old Ballston Town198134Townhome

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